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Manicure & Pedicure

- Gel Polish
- Nail Art
- Safe & Hygenic
- Men, Women and Children
Result Duration
3- 6 weeks
Treatment Time
30 - 90 mins
Starting Price
Recovery Time
Number of Sessions
At Dynamic Beauty, we provide the latest innovations in Nail Care treatments. From gel polish that changes with your body temperature to Magnetic Nail polish and various Nail Art.
We offer full manicures and pedicures for Men, Women and Children including cuticle work and massage.
Children's manicures and pedicures using breathable and water permeable nail polish and nail art.

Treatment Pricing

Manicure with gel polish
Gel polish removal
free if you had your nails done with us and are having them redone
Men's Manicure
Full Pedicure with gel polish
Gel polish Feet
Men's Pedicure with Hard Skin Removal
Hard Skin Removal (no polish)

Frequently Asked Questions

Whats included?

MANICURES All our full manicures include a Cut/ File, Cuticle Cut & Push, Polish of your choice (Gel, Breathable or Normal) and are finished with a Hand Massage and application of Cuticle Oil. PEDICURES All our full pedicures include a Cut/ File, Cuticle Cut& Push, Hard Skin Removal (done with a Drill which is more hygienic and safe for Diabetics), Polish of choice and finished with a Foot Massage.

How long does it last?

Our gel polish generally lasts 2-3 weeks on the hands and up to 6 weeks on the feet


Total Contraindications: - Infectious skin diseases (Impetigo, Scabies, Chicken Pox, Mumps) - Broken bones - Ringworm - Fungal Nail Infections - Paronychia (whitlow)
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