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LED Light Therapy

- Non- Invasive & Pain Free
- Stimulates Collagen & Elastin Production
- Anti-Bacterial
- Frims & Tightens Skin
- Accelerate the healing process
Result Duration
Treatment Time
30 mins
Starting Price
Recovery Time
Number of Sessions
1 - 8
LED light therapy is a painless, relaxing, non-invasive skin-care treatment to stimulate collagen, firm and treat acne and inflammation.
LED treatments work by using an array of bright light-emitting diodes (originally developed by NASA!) that send low-level light energy into the deeper layers of the skin.

Treatment Pricing

LED Facial (Firming, Hydrating or Anti-Wrinkle)
45 minutes
Glow Facial
55 minutes
LED Body Contouring
30 minutes
LED Body Firming
30 minutes

Frequently Asked Questions

How does light therapy work?

LED Light Therapy uses colour wavelengths of visible light which have specific skin benefits. As a result of ageing, skin disorders or trauma, healthy skin cells are compromised and unable to renew themselves normally. At Dynamic Beauty, we use a combination of: RED LIGHT LED For: Inflammation. The low-down: Red light lies next to infrared at the end of the visible part of the light spectrum, and its wavelengths disable inflammation triggers. Inflammation is linked to acne, pigmentation and rosacea, which is why you’ll find this wonder light in most treatments. BLUE LIGHT LED For: Acne. The low-down: Blue light eliminates acne vulgaris (the bacteria responsible for causing spots) while leaving the good bacteria intact. Blue light can be used on its own but it’s often paired with red light. Red and blue lights have very specific wavelengths and, when used together, kill acne bacteria and help the skin to heal. GREEN LIGHT LED FOR: Pigmentation. The low-down: Green light targets dark circles, pigmentation, broken capillaries and sunspots. It also calms irritated or over-stimulated skin. YELLOW LIGHT For: Fine lines and wrinkles. The low-down: The Botox of wavelengths, this should be part of your age-maintenance programme. Yellow light reduces redness and wrinkle-causing inflammation while boosting circulation. It works by stimulating the rejuvenation process within your cells to improve the density of your skin (that’s the stuff that drops after the age of 30, causing those fine lines).

LED Facial

Experience the benefit of a full 30 Minute LED Facial. Designed to produce cellular stimulation, dermal regeneration and reduce & prevent acne. This treatment is completely non-invasive and is truly a pleasure to receive. We have 3 different settings for Facials, Hydration, Lines & Wrinkles or Firming. Each one will be pared with the perfect Serum and Cream for your individual needs.

LED Body Contouring Treatment

Shape your figure and loose Inches instantly. Our LED Treatments reduce localised fat and cellulite from the first session. This treatment gives a vasodilatation effect in the deeper layers of the skin by reducing excess adipocytes. Thus we get a reduced fat and firming effect immediately. What it offers: - Immediate effect in only one session - Non-invasive. - No side effects - Applicable areas of abdomen, thighs, hips - Helps fight and prevent cellulite “orange peel” For Optimum Results: - Follow a healthy and varied diet - Moderate exercise each day

LED Firming Treatment

Gain smooth, soft, and healthy skin. The body firming from + esthetic returns your skin’s elasticity and firmness lost by the passage of time or by sudden changes in weight. What it offers: - Retrieves the smoothness of your skin on arms, abdomen, breasts, thighs and buttocks - Reaffirms the skin and subcutaneous tissue - Revitalises the skin and gives elasticity - Non-invasive, without side effects For Optimum results: - Follow a healthy and varied diet. - Moderate exercise each day. - Keep your skin hydrated

Is LED Light Therapy painful?

LED Treatments on the body are very relaxing and often clients fall asleep during the treatment. LED on the face in not painful although some people can find the bight light a little uncomfortable, others find it very comfortable.

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