Acne Facial




Antibacterial and Anti- Acne

Clogged Pores

Anti Inflamatory

Number of sessions
Treatment time
60 mins
Recovery time
Result duration
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Our Acne Cleanse Facial includes a number of techniques and technologies such as Exfoliation, Chemical Peeling and LED Light Therapy.
CLEANSE - We begin with a cleanse or double cleanse to remove makeup, oil, dirt and any residue.
EXFOLIATION - We then gently exfoliate using our specially developed AHA Smoothing Cream rather than a physical exfoliation to prevent irritation or discomfort
CHEMICAL PEEL - The skin is then prepped and the Chemical Peel is applied.
SERUM - A specialist serum is then applied to soothe and hydrate the skin.
LED Light Therapy - We use a mix of RED, BLUE, GREEN and WHITE Light for Product Absorption, Anti- Inflammation, Anti- Bacterial, Excellerate Healing, and Drainage.
FACE MASSAGE - The facial is then finished by massaging in a suitable Face Cream and SPF (Sun Protection) Cream.


Course of 6


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Course of 6


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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it Painful?

Our Acne Facial is very enjoyable. You will leave feeling relaxed but also with a visible improvement from the first session.

How often should I have a Acne Facial?

We recommend a course of 6 sessions, one per week.

How quickly can you see results?

You can see results after the first session however we do recommend a course of 6 acne facials followed by regular treatments as prevention and to maintain the results.

Is it safe?

All of our treatments are tested and clinically proven. All our therapists are qualified and experienced and will tailor the treatments to individual needs.



  • Relaxed and Extremely Professional

    I would highly recommend Dynamic Beauty, I have the IPL and the results are great! The girls make you feel very relaxed and they are extremely professional. I had microblading today and I am delighted with the results. Such a great place, I will be a repeat customer for life! Thank you so much xxx
  • I felt absolutely amazing afterwards

    I work a busy 9-5 with a commute up to London and train at the gym so build a lot of tension up in my back. So I went for a back, shoulder and neck Swedish massage at Dynamic Beauty. I felt absolutely amazing afterwards, "value for money" doesn't even come close the the benefit I received. If you're feeling a bit stressed out at work or you've had a tough session at the gym, I'd highly recommend this treatment. The staff are friendly and the space itself it bright, clean and welcoming. Definitely making a monthly appointment!
  • Thank you both from the bottom of my heart

    I have to say that I cannot praise Dynamic Beauty enough. I came last week for the first time, after having to re-jig my appointment three or four times due to illness. Shrina was so helpful and obliging, if only other companies would follow her lead. ! We would all be in a better place. I felt at home as soon as I walked in and her really wonderful assistant Aga did my gel nails and they are superb. I will definitely be returning for some other treatments. Thank you both from the bottom of my heart.
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