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Juliette Armand Triple Action Shape Gel

Triple action body gel for bodies with cellulite, localized fat and loose skin.
Action: Plant extracts of Guarana, Chrysanthellum Indicumwith green coffee instantly activates the lipolysis process, coenzyme A stimulates the breakdown of fatty acids and tannins combat skin sagging. Argisil C and Remoduline activate the lipolysis process, reduce cellulite and prevent skin loosening. The angiotensin and decongestant agents induce vessel stimulation and decongestion, restore the lymphatic and venous microcirculation of tissues, preventing the concentration of toxins and free radicals. Non-stop action of the A2 Blockers™ combats the natural reaction of the body to block the fat- dissolving action of the ingredients.

Key Ingredients

Guarana Extract, A2 Blockers, Argisil C, Lipocare, Remoduline, Eco slim.

How to use

Apply the gel to the skin and massage the area until it is absorbed.


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