Swedish & Aromatherapy Massage
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A massage of this type is defined by certain strokes that the massage therapist will use, not to mention a distinct style. In all massages of this type, the therapist is going to begin by first lubricating your skin with some massage oil; then will get to work on your skin.

The Swedish element of the treatment uses strokes, motions and pressure in the direction of blood flow into your heart. By using cross-fiber friction the therapist is able to break up any muscle knots you may have.
What you feel from a Swedish massage will vary, based on either the approach of the massage therapist or even what the client wants to accomplish during their session. A Swedish massage can feel bracing and vigorous, or it can feel gentle and relaxing.

Swedish Full body massage - £50
Swedish Neck, back and shoulders - £30
Aromatherapy is the use of essential oils to promote healing and a feeling of well-being and relaxation in the recipient. The essential oils are extracted from the parts of herbs and plants and contain all the properties of the plants themselves.
The oil is applied in long sweeping strokes which warm the skin and muscles and prepare the body for deep tissue massage. Once the muscles are warmed, the masseur will continue with deeper massage, rolling and squeezing the skin and underlying muscles between the hands. Again, this should not be painful, but deeply relaxing. Our Aromatherapy Massage uses a choice of two 100% Natural, Organic Vegan and Cruelty Free specialist Aromatherapy Oils
Soothe the Senses - enriched with deeply nourishing Argan and Buriti Oils and essential oils of frangipani, everlasting flower and magnolia to sooth and calm the senses.
Awaken the Senses - lightweight, fast absorbing oil containing hydrating grapeseed and apricot oils and essential oils of bergamont, mandarin and lime leaf for uplift the senses.
Aromatherapy Massage (Full Body) - £50
Aromatherapy Massage (Neck, Back & Shoulders) - £30
Experience relaxation and stress relief with a 15 minute Head, Neck and Shoulder Massage using our 100% Natural, Organic, Vegan and Cruelty Free Tropic Massage Oils.

I would highly recommend Dynamic Beauty, I have the IPL and the results are great! The girls make you feel very relaxed and they are extremely professional.
I had microblading today and I am delighted with the results.
Such a great place, I will be a repeat customer for life!
Thank you so much xxx

Audi Wheatcroft


I work a busy 9-5 with a commute up to London and train at the gym so build a lot of tension up in my back.
So I went for a back, shoulder and neck Swedish massage at Dynamic Beauty.
I felt absolutely amazing afterwards, "value for money" doesn't even come close the the benefit I received.
If you're feeling a bit stressed out at work or you've had a tough session at the gym, I'd highly recommend this treatment.
The staff are friendly and the space itself it bright, clean and welcoming.
Definitely making a monthly appointment!!!


Dynamic Beauty is amazing I noticed a massive difference in my leg and under arm hair straight away, it's incredible.And the staff are amazing as well, they make you feel so comfortable and are just genuinely lovely. I can't wait to come back for my third treatment