Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to our frequently asked questions to help you with our services and product information

What makes Dynamic Beauty different?

At Dynamic Beauty, our aim is to help you 'Let your natural beauty shine'. Providing Safe, Ethical & Affordable treatments and products that will enhance the condition of your Hair, Skin, and Nails using only the highest quality ingredients.

Why are your IPL Treatments so cheap?

Our founder Shrina opened Dynamic Beauty because she had battled with unwanted hair for most of her life. She struggled to find a place that offered IPL or Laser that was safe for darker skin tones and an affordable price in the Crawley area. Having found a machine that worked for her, she decided to open in Crawley. She also wanted to other people to feel the amazing boost in confidence she did after having the treatment so kept the prices affordable for all.

Do your Fat Reduction Treatments actually work?

All our Fat Reduction treatments are clinically proven and medical grade. We have achieved amazing results for our clients. We work with our clients to make good lifestyle changes for quicker and longer-lasting results. At each appointment, we encourage our clients to exercise, drink plenty of water and give healthy eating tips that are maintainable.

Are your treatments safe?

All our advanced treatments are clinically proven and medical grade. We use only high-quality tested equipment and ingredients. As a clinic, we have always adopted extremely high hygiene standards and all our staff are qualified, experienced and insured.